Migma Film is co-producing “Dirk Ohm – The Illusionist That Disappeared”

Posted on Okt 31, 2012

Norwegian director Bobbie Peers’ feature debut, Dirk Ohm  – The Illusionist That Disappeared, will be backed by €420,000 top financing from Eurimages, the European Council’s co-production fund. A co-production by Norwegian producer Maria Ekerhovd for Mer Film, with Sweden’s Migma Film and German director Wim Wenders Neue Road Movies, the film will shoot next year on a total budget of €4 million (NOK 23 million) and be executive produced by Axel Helgeland.

Production company MerFilm:  http://www.merfilm.no/
More info:  http://www.nfi.no/english/funding/news/eurimages-funding-for-norwegian-illusionist-that-disappeared