Sverige 2011, 30 min, novellfilm
Regi: C.M.Torquato

Manus: C.M.Torquato – The car monologue by Elisa Mendes, manuscript written with some collaboration of Arioc Tescari (in memoriam), Ricardo Vilela, Clara Lindegren and Daniel de Jesus

I rollerna: Tobias Aspelin, Alice Linden, Helén Söderqvist, Karin de Frumerie, Joshi Alvarez, Fanni Metelius, Lars Andersson, Carolin Stoltz, Krister Kern, Aviad Arik Herman, Jonas Rimeika, Charlotta Jonsson
Klipp: Erika Gonzales
Musik: Gérson Barral
Producent: Anita Oxburgh
Produced by Migma Film in co-production with Film i Väst Sofie Björklund, with the support of The Swedish Film Institute, consultant Andra Lasmanis.

A chain of people connected by desire.
They are all looking for the one – talking about sex

and chasing love. They know what they want,

but will they ever get it?